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Name :- Asmr glow

Twitter: @asmrglow Instagram: @asmrglow

Subscribers – 1.3M (Youtube)

Country :- Arab

Views -322,796,655 views

Glow ASMR Latest Video update

The latest video of ASMR Glow – New ASMR ROLEPLAY video! This video has slightly FUTURISTIC vibes and includes glove sounds, personal attention, closeup whispering, face brushing, face touching, scratching sounds, keyboard, gum, water spray, and more!!

Also, this video has been watched by over 6.6M (six hundred and four hundred million) ASMR fans worldwide.

Benefits of this Whispered Roleplay video:

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased excitement
  • Potential to help with depression, sleep, and chronic pain

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